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EarthJoy Program Guide

EarthJoy where Earth™ stands for Empowering Adventures Rejuvenate the HeartJOY™ This is for those that want to have more PLAY & Adventure in their lives. We are just not about tree climbing! We offer a wide array of choices ranging from one and half hour guided climbs for individuals, families and TEAMS. Signing up for a higher level course via EARTHJOY ACADEMY and learn how to access your own trees and facilitate groups. Or take one of our nature quests for team building or retreat.

This guide is all about serving you and any questions you might have.

Below are six different options YOU can choose from:

If you still have questions after reading through this entire guide please bring your questions to a scheduled chat time. Looking forward to connecting with you!



Guided Introductory Tree Climb

Most picked tree climb!

Out intro to tree climbing course

Hour and 1/2 for Casper the Friendly Sycamore.

Includes rental of high quality special tree climbing harness, gloves, and helmet.

Safety talk and demonstration

Learn how to swing and rappel

Do the bathang and come down like spiderman

Relax in the hammock


Great for those who want to try climbing!

Do the Super Swirl Twirl and the Whirlwind.

$40 a climber

Most Saturdays. Call or email to schedule

Gifted group rates:

For 14 to 15 climbers $32 a climber

16 to 30 climbers $25 a climber

Weekday Special ONLY

“Participated in a great tree climb today!! Thanks so much for the self- confidence and self-value, you have helped instill in my daughter!! This is such amazing experience!!”

Joanna Protos-Herrberg – Dayton, Ohio

AJ JOLLY is 1000 acre park. Other group while waiting to climb can play Frisbee golf, fish, play softball, kickball or meander in the sun. Casper also has a shelter with 4 picnic tables.

What if my group is larger or we have a limited budget?

We can co-create several different options for you. For example a group of 30 could come in which we split a climb two and half hours long between the two groups equally for a more affordable price. NOTE this is for only large groups

**********Special note to GROUPS. If you have a group coming please note if a lesser number shows up you will not be given a refund for the missing party. We have considerable prep time at each climb to match number in your group, larger groups require additional support staff, we hold these spots open for your group and you are receiving a discounted rate.

"Being adventurous at heart, and loving the outdoors, I have always looked for ways to push myself to the limits. What I found most fulfilling in the newest "adventure" was that all the physical demands, the mental challenges and strategizing, the adrenalin rush, and the sense of accomplishment were met while in the throes of finding a connectedness and a certain "Oneness" with the trees and nature."

Dave Carter - Ohio

Where is this program located?

AJ JOLLY PARK in Alexandria, Kentucky

AJ JOLLY is a beautiful park with a lake open to kayaking, canoeing and fishing. AJ JOLLY has camping, RV hookups, Frisbee golf, softwall fields, tennis, track and hiking forest.

Register online by CLICKING HERE

Contact us at: OR 859-635-0320 if you have a GROUP to schedule a date for large groups.

Level I Climb

  • Learn how to tie the knots.
  • Four HOURS
  • Best Equipment options.
  • Learn how to access your trees indepedently
  • Learn the tree climbing shout calls.
  • Includes rental of high quality special tree climbing harness, gloves, and helmet
  • All the moves and climbing techniques build on each other
  • Climb, Swing, & Rappel!!
  • Climb at least three different routes
  • Do the possum hang
  • Relax and get into our tree chair
  • MORE ONE ON ONE INSTRUCTION Instructor will climb with you in the tree teaching you more strategies on how to manage aloft.
  • In trees On ADVANCED climbing techniques. Learn the foot wrap and use the foot ascender
  • Learn to tie your own safety knots
  • Clip on and clip off and learn our B.A.C.K. check

Level II

  • Review Level I
  • Learn how to transfer within the canopy top.
  • Learn how to Set up hammocks
  • Couples ReTREEt

    Do you feel like you are talking to the wall even though your spouse is in the room? Do you find it hard to acknowledge what you feel, and ask for what you need? Do you trust your spouse?

    At this Retreet Activate your JOY-NESS!

    • Identify your patterns of communication verbally and non-verbally.
    • Learn several different types of effective communication and how to easily implement them in times of conflict and JOY.
    • Celebrate together at YOUR Dinner in the TREE tops.

    At this adventurous retreat we take a look at how you have been communicating, what has worked, what no longer serves you. Using nature, & tree climbing as a tool we help you to find your way back home to yourself so that you can truly listen to your needs first and be able to communicate to each other in a way that you both can be heard. This is an experiential FUN ReTREEt where you will create joyful lifetime memories.

    Your facilitators are Shelly & Bill Byrne. They have been married for 16 years and have studied and implemented many methods of communication including NVC.


    • Add on Overnight accommodations at Germantown Hammock, Tree House stay or the Rise N Shine Lodge.
    • Includes Workshop and Intermediate Tree Climbs
    • Secret Nature Activities
    • Celebration Lunch or Dinner!! In tree top hammock.

    Want to know more? Email to set up a complimentary free call with Shelly

    Team Building Courses

    Click Here to see more information about our Team Building Courses!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why EarthJoy tree adventures?

    At EarthJoy you will create joyful lifetime memories. It is all about movement and learning something new and unique.

    We have a natural process of taking you step by step into the tree. Once in the canopy you are Free to Play and be in the magic.

    We take into account that everyone learns differently and tailor our instruction to meet those needs.

    Our facilitators are trained to be highly sensitive to people and their safety.

    At EarthJOY everyone is important and YOU feel that from the time you step out of your car.

    Is tree climbing safe?

    Tree climbing is extremely safe. All of our trees our thoroughly examined before the climb, all ropes are set and tied. Our professional facilitators take you step by step into the tree's heart utilizing top technical equipment. We use certified arborist ropes, petzl carabineers, petzl top rated helmets, gloves and new tribe harnesses. All gear is ANSI approved. All climbing trees are free of poison ivy.

    What makes us different from other adventure and tree climbing companies?

    Not only do you get to experience meeting some of the happiest trees around you get to experience our love and enthusiasm for people and life. Our facilitators have taken Level I-III, enthusiastic and have a genuine love for their work.

    What if I'm afraid of heights?

    Climbers are never pressured to go any higher than they are comfortable. Once climbers begin to feel comfortable and secure on a rope, they will often move beyond their fear to achieve new heights.

    Can everyone tree climb?

    We recommend at least being 5 years of age. If younger you will need to have a phone conversation with us to determine if tree climbing is for your young one. Extraordinary strength is unnecessary. Anyone can climb if they use the proper body mechanics and technique. Keep in mind that people that are athletic and lighter often have an easier time than those who are heavier. (weight limit 285) We can, if necessary, employ a couple of techniques to assist you in ascending.

    What should I wear to tree climb?

    For all climbs: Tie up long hair and be sure your glasses are secured.

    When the weather is mild: Long pants OR long socks and long shorts are recommended. For purposes of modesty, avoid skirts, very short shorts and low cut jeans. In VERY HOT weather we recommend avoiding cotton.

    When the weather is cold: Dress in layers. Do wear closed toe shoes with good socks. Thin hats or “skins” are recommended as you will still need to wear a helmet (provided).


    What is included in the program fees?

    Tree climbing requires specialized equipment and specialized training. The trees we climb have been inspected by a certified arborist and pruned accordingly. All of these elements have a monetary cost. There is also significant preparation, on the part of the facilitator, for each day’s climb. All program fees include equipment rental and usage. Most importantly, guided climbs are performed with low numbers of facilitator to climber ratio for safety and quality of experience.

    What if we want to have a birthday party in our tree?

    Fabulous!! Because we require a thorough exam of your tree prior to the climb and may have to do some pruning we have a set up and take down fee of $150.00 for premises within 2-hour drive time. A cost of $500.00 if drive time is more than 2 hours if additional maintenance of tree is needed an additional charge may be added and discussed prior to agreement. You choose from any of the AJ JOLLY programs listed in this guide. (Minimum of 8)

    What is the EXTREEMIST program?

    At each climb you will receive stickers that go towards a climb on your tree map (distributed at your first climb with us) Once you fill the entire map you receive a white t-shirt that says EXTREEMIST on it and the back says BEYOND ORDINARY and displays our logo. You can also purchase these t-shirts.

    What do other people say about EarthJoy's Adventures?

    "Carol and I are still "hovering above the ground" in our excitement over Saturday's EarthJoy adventure. The experience was one of our best, and we'll never forget it and definitely do it again! It was a wonderful day, in beautiful surroundings; shared with interesting people.... I loved the technical aspects of the apparatus and the "climb" and felt a connection with the trees that is typically missed by simply hiking through the forest. EarthJOY opened my eyes to the trees as partners, by allowing me to experience the exhilarating fun, and the protective embrace they provided." Michael More -Ohio

    “Oh my gosh it was the best experience of my life!! I love to climb so it was awesome. I like the slingshot the best. I also love the games we played. Thanks a lot and I will see you again next year, and the year after that and the year…. etc.” Under 18 testaments

    What are my options?

    Below are the different options YOU can choose from depending on if you would like to have all your meals prepared on site and never leave location OR if you would like to come just for a day or if you would like to climb every Sunday join our tree climbing group program. We are also instructors and can train you to access the trees independently and run your own grove.

    Do you have group rates?

    Note on group rates

    A deposit of 10% is due to hold your date and time.

    The remainder of the balance is due for the agreed upon number 2 weeks prior to climb

    Groups are required to cancel (with penalty) more than 14 days prior to scheduled tour date. A cancellation / handling fee of $10.00 per participant will be assessed with the balance refunded. TOURS CANCELLING WITHIN 14 DAYS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE TIME WILL NOT BE ISSUED A REFUND.

    Tours sell out well in advance. Guides and staff are scheduled well in advance of tour dates and costs remain the same when guests fail to keep their reservation. Vacancies may not be able to be filled on short notice. Participants who fail to keep their reservations will not be issued a refund.

    Can I learn to access the trees safely on my own?

    YES! Once you have taken a guided climb or already know you want more these advanced courses are here to serve YOU.

    EarthJoy Academy teaches YOU in a way that each course builds on the previous course. You can elect to take one, two or three together depending on our calendar and availability. You can choose how far You want to go from accessing the canopy on your own to being a full-blown instructor and or facilitator.

    "Shelly and Bill make a great teaching team. Shelly brings her cheerleader/Coach enthusiasm with assured and demonstrated knowledge, Bill brings his Rock of Gibraltar steady aim and methodology to move the training ahead on time and ON TARGET." James Reischman on Basic Class- Cincinnati, Ohio