Stay in the Treehouse by Treehouse Masters

Are you craving quiet time in nature?

Do you want a unique adventure?

Would you like to stay in a treehouse?

Would you love to stay in a treehouse made by Pete Nelson of TreeHOUSE Masters?

YES! It was our dream come true and the story behind the build has been featured on Animal Planet.

We are the Kentucky Climbers Cottage. The treehouse is located on privately owned 200 acres in Germantown Kentucky. 15 miles North of Maysville Ky and 15 miles west of Augusta Ky.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Treehouse

Pete Nelson Treehouse

How do you get to the treehouse?

The treehouse is located in Germantown Ky and the specific directions will be emailed to you once you register. From downtown Cincinnati, Ohio give yourself 60 mins comfortably.

Is there a bathroom?

There is an outhouse. There is an outdoor camp shower right outside the front. There is no running water. Which is half the FUN! Think of it as glorified camping.

Is there electricity?

No. You do get cell phone coverage. The treehouse is stocked with candles and flashlights. There is a woodburning stove and propane gas stove inside and one outside.

Kentucky Treehouse

How many does it sleep?

It has a loft king size bed and modular couch. It will sleep two adults and three children comfortably.

It also has an oversized deck.

Kentucky Climbers Cottage

What else is there to do on the property?

You can explore the haunted house (pictured above) and the old log cabin home to 1500 settlers. There are hiking trails of different levels.

You can book a guided tree climb and experience the canopy tops and climb the same tree we did with Pete Nelson.

There is plenty to explore along the way. Several creek beds, deer, red-tailed hawks and turkey abounds.

The treehouse is so cool you will never want to leave!

Pete Nelson Treehouse

How far off the main entry is the treehouse?

It is walking distance. It sets back away from the road in the forest. It overlooks a beautiful valley of mother oaks. You would need to be able to hike back about ¼ to ½ mile. We encourage folks to use backpacks to bring in their food and water.

What else should we bring?

Hiking shoes, and outdoorsy clothes are recommended. Board games, & food to cook out on grill. Wipes, paper towels and garbage bags.

What else is there to do in the surrounding areas?

Our favorite place to visit is downtown Augusta is hometown to George Clooney. Visit his mom’s antique shop Nina’s. Eat at the Irish Pub or Parkview Inn. Get an ice cream for desert next to pizza place. Walk along the Ohio River and check out the historical homes or take a Ferry ride.

Maysville Kentucky is another favorite. Eat at DeShas or visit downtown Maysville.