About Us

"Play is one of the highest spiritual forms of being. When we're in that state, we get lost in ourselves, which allows the mind to receive the message of the spirit."

Ellie Katz

About Shelly

12 years ago I felt unsettled in my life.

I was so busy being a mom, a wife, and a business owner of Advanced Physical Therapy, I lost track of what I really loved and I became depressed.

A life coach at the time suggested I go out every week and do an adventure in nature that made my heart soar. I loved this assignment. It gave me permission to be ME!

So guess what I did. I signed up for kayak lessons and learned to flip. I then, kayaked every local river in my area. I learned how to lightweight backpack and then set off to do sections of the Appalachian. I was even a river raft guide for my mom in Tennessee. And, I group led the Sierra club on several outings. I FELT ALIVE again.

Still something was missing.... Then while on a rafting trip in West Virginia I saw in a magazine article a women sitting in the tree with a harness and rope. She looked peaceful........ I remember this vividly because I studied her face carefully and then I read the article.

This was the missing ingredient. You see I was not only attracted to adventures and nature. I was also seeking peace, love and acceptance of my self. Seeing that woman in the TREES guided me to create EarthJOY.

Climbing trees gives me the opportunity to escape the world. To go outside and play and every time I climb I am always left with a gentle peace inside and an open Joyful heart. Being high in the tree on your own rope and reaching heights of 125 feet where no one else can go is a wonderful feeling. It is my space. My time. My way. And, it is where I commune with my spirit and the spirit of nature.

My vision for YOU is that everyone deserves this sacred place to retreat. One you can call YOUR home. One you can let everything go and just BE. A tree YOU can commune with in YOUR own back yard or take others.

That is why we developed several different programs via EarthJOY ranging from one and half hour guided climb, to our ExTREEmist program (Series of 4 climbs in 4 different locations) couples retreets and EarthJOY Academy where you can learn the ropes yourself. Or if you are a Women I was before EarthJOY and want to really uncover the dream in your heart you can sign up for the Women Warrior Program. Don't worry if you feel like you are out of shape. We have a Pre-Women Warrior program where I as a Licensed Physical Therapist will do a pre-assessment then we will exercise weekly to GET YOU IN SHAPE!

If anything I have spoken to YOU resonates with YOU I would love to have a conversation with you to explore the best place for you to step into your most adventurous life. This is a complimentary conversation. MY GIFT TO YOU. Email Shelly at info@climbky.com

This call is for those that are really really ready to move into more JOY, Peace and connection to yourself and nature. If you are ready to go deeper into yourself and enjoy more of heaven on Earth we are here to support YOU in a unique new tribe AND we will find the perfect place for you to begin. This is a tribe of tree people that want to lead an exciting, joyful & peaceful life. YOU will have A life that will connect you to MOTHER Earth and to yourself.